Your ceremony

It’s a special moment in your life. It’s your wedding day, it’s your child’s naming, your commitment ceremony or the joy of renewing your marriage vows.

This is a precious and joyous, poignant and thoughtful time for you, and the friends and family who are significant in your lives, and with whom you choose to share your day.

And that’s what it’s about – the choices you make for your ceremony will ensure that it is an experience that you will remember as one of your most cherished and moving occasions.

Let me help you to find the options that can make your day the special and memorable event planned for you, by you, in the style that best suits you and is the finest reflection of your needs, requirements and personal taste.

As your celebrant I am happy to offer my assistance and guidance with finding the right choices that make you both feel that your moment is the most special and personal – just for you.

My warmest wishes for a wonderful day.